Your Rights



Eliminate sales tax on groceries and other essentials.

Repeal Governor Ivey's 2018 Gas Tax.



#End The Fed

Establish a state currency backed by sound money i.e. Gold/Silver


Civil Liberties

Stop eminent domain

End Civil Asset Forfeiture


Criminal Justice

End the war on drugs

Legalize Cannabis, including home grow

Expunge non-violent victimless "offenses"

End Qualified Immunity

No victim, no crime

Eliminate cash bail



Vouchers with private school portability


Foreign Policy

We are not the World Police

End all wars

Defend the guard-No AL National Guard troops overseas without a Congressionally declared war



Open the market, allow competition across state lines



Every gun law is an infringement on your natural right to defend yourself as guaranteed and protected by the Constitution of Alabama Article I Section 26 as well as the 2nd Amendment of These United States. click here



Line item vetoes

Plain language bills

Voter innitiative and referendum--click here

Balance the budget